You’ve been promoted. You now have the big title.

Never mind the fact that you would not declare yourself an expert at managing your parents, your spouse/significant other, your children, other people’s children or your friends. You are now getting paid the big bucks to be an expert at managing the same types of people in your office. Your career and livelihood income depend on your stellar expertise to shine at accomplishing what you haven’t exactly done in other human related aspects of your life (at least not anything you would go about shouting from rooftops or want to see in the front pages of the newspaper).

Oh, let’s not forget, in addition to the human side, you are also in charge of Ops (operations). So if you think getting a large group to agree on where and when to meet for coffee is a like herding cats, you now have to get the same type of group to agree to deliver results that exceed benchmarks (every time).  Can any member of the group give you details on what they passed on their way to the coffee shop? Hmmm, yet this same group has to pay attention to local and global business trends (as well as internal ones) and tell you how they affect the performance of the business.

Oh YES, you are now a manager!!  Soooo, now what???

This blog doesn’t have all the answers but it does attempt to give practical guides you can implement to make your pristine appearance of human management excellence more feasible.  It is designed to be an interactive blog so feel free to post comments about what worked and did not work for you as well as to share your own ideas…..

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